"Eca's holistic treatments go beyond  addressing just the physical symptoms. My mind was so much clearer and I felt happy and content" Diane P 


The healthcare we offer is integrative: we focus on the whole person and address your health concerns from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective. We look at the mind and body in tandem to work out how best to treat you.



We focus on combining the best of Western medicine with the ancient science of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an initial consultation will reflect this approach. We will gather a comprehensive assessment of your medical history and current physical and mental health, including any medication you are taking and other forms of treatment you are undergoing.



We offer an introductory 30-minute session for you to start to experience acupuncture and see whether it might be for you, but recommend a1-hour session so that we can build up a picture of your health, understand your goals and give you a clear indication of what to expect from your tailored treatment plan.

'My treatments go beyond simply relieving symptoms: they aim to address the root cause of the illness and suffering. I want to help my patients find balance and feel well by setting them on an achievable path for life.' – Eca Brady 


Say Hi!



  • Let's have a 30-minute chat and see how best we can help you and address your conditions. 




  • Introductory 30-minute acupuncture session to help you relax and unwind, and support your immune system (please note that this is not a personalised treatment). 

Feel better

Get  thriving 



  • 1-month programme including:

  • An initial consultation and diagnosis

  • Personalised lifestyle and dietary advice

  • A bespoke herbal prescription

  • Weekly follow-ups

  • Final assessment session

  • Continuous contact and feedback


  • Personalised 1-hour consultation aimed at understanding your current health conditions and medical history, your goals and what to expect from future sessions.


Follow-up acupuncture treatments £85


If you consider upgrading to the 'Get Thriving' programme the value of this session will be deducted from the price of the package.

What we treat


Chronic pain



Bells palsy

Trigeminal neuralgia




Post partum




Food intolerances



Gut imbalances

Sexual health


Hormonal Balance (PCOS)

Menstrual cramps

Erectile disfunction




Colds and flu

Immune deficiency

Mental health

Mental and emotional health

Anxiety and depression



What to expect

at the consultation

The initial 'Feel Better' consultation will last around 60 minutes. We will talk about:

Your current health problems

Your symptoms and how you experience them

Your medical history

Your life, work and family situation and any problems inherent to these

Any stressors, concerns or pressures you are under

We are interested in understanding and managing the root cause of your condition rather than your symptoms and to do so we must fully understand you as an individual and all facets of your life. This will allow us to generate a personalised treatment plan. Our plans vary greatly but almost always include the use of:



Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions

Personalised dietary and lifestyle advice

Meditation and relaxation techniques

Exercise recommendations

Happy Woman


"My hot flushes, insomnia and depression went away after only three treatments with Eca. I can't recommend her enough.'

Hanna S

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