Pregnancy & Postpartum


I provide regular antenatal classes and I can also provide direct support for you during childbirth as I am a registered Doula. 


Diet is very important at any stage of your life, especially during pregnancy. Much of my advice is focused on ways to help your digestive system function optimally, in order to make the most of the food that you eat for both you and baby.


This is a time when cultivating and supporting wellness becomes very important. I am able to provide support during this period, working together we can help you feel well and secure in the knowledge your child is happy and growing.



I can provide the care and attention that you also need during this time to ensure your body heals and

becomes stronger and healthier. Following our initial meeting I will design treatments to support you and your baby through the different stages of pregnancy. We can work together to assist in preventing common pregnancy ailments as well as maintaining your general well being.



Although nausea is a very common symptom of pregnancy (approximately half of all women experience some form of nausea during pregnancy), it is not something to be taken lightly as it carries the risk of dehydration and can be very debilitating. 

For those of my clients who are trying to avoid taking medication during their pregnancy, I use Acupuncture which has been shown to be very helpful in relieving nausea. In some clients the nausea completely disappears. While others experience considerable relief and an improvement in symptoms that enables them to function much better during their pregnancy. 


We prepare you for childbirth during the final weeks of pregnancy through a personalized series of treatments . These treatments will help build your energy reserves, preparing you and your baby for the best possible birth experience and for an easier post-natal period.



I find this very beneficial for new mothers if performed as soon as posible after birth. Using Moxa (heating points on the body with a cone shaped herb) I warm the channel that runs on the midline of the body, below your belly button.  I find it has a wonderful restorative effect on all of my clients. 


You may feel particularly vulnerable during this period, you may even feel overlooked as all the attention is focused on your new baby. I considered it very important to work with you using Acupuncture to help you regain not only your strength but also your health and self confidence.



And start living healthy TODAY