PreTeen and Teenagers

For many adolescents, acupuncture can improve their physical and emotional health dramatically.



The reason that Acupuncture works so well for adolescents goes back to Chinese Medical theory. The Chinese say that children are considered to be pure Yang. Compared to the nourishing, cooling substance of Yin, Yang is warm, active, and transformative.


And that’s what adolescents do — they transform. They are growing and changing almost daily, and it seems that as soon as you have one stage figured out, they have moved onto the next. This is a good thing on the healing front. As children are growing so quickly, they also heal quickly and a lot of their imbalances can be rectified a lot easier during this time. 





The nature of being pure Yang can also work against adolescents, especially during the pre-teen and teen years.

Good health, or balance in Chinese Medicine is all about smooth flow, and for the most part, adolescents grow and flow smoothly.


Unfortunately, as children go through adolescence, they begin changing even more quickly. On top of physical growth, children are faced with the increasing stress of school and peer relationships. When Mother Nature throws hormones into the mix, that transformation becomes even more challenging.


For some adolescents, this sudden growth, plus hormones, plus stress equals a perfect storm that can block the smooth flow of energy and emotions. This causes a wide variety of health symptoms including an irregular period, a late period, an early period, bleeding between periods, particularly heavy or light bleeding.




Acupuncture also works for emotional health issues because it affects brain chemistry in a positive way.

Researchers studying the effects of Acupuncture have determined that Acupuncture causes an increase in production of endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in the brain, causing a calming effect. For this reason, acupuncture can effectively treat emotional conditions including stress, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.


For many adolescents, Acupuncture can help their emotional health dramatically. If your Teen or PreTeen is struggling, consider making an appointment and we can explore using Acupuncture.


And start living healthy TODAY